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With the vegan life points system you can collect points while shopping and use these points for discounts at your next purchases or to give donations to animal rights groups.

Collecting Points

  • for each 10 EUR product order value you receive 1 point
  • the points will be added to your account when we receive your payment
  • you can view your current point balance when you have logged into your account
  • points expire after 1 year if not redeemed by then

Redeeming Points as Discount

  • when ordering new products you can redeem points in the Check Out area
  • for 20 points redeemed you get 5 EUR discount
  • for 40 points redeemed you get 12 EUR discount

Redeeming Points as Donation

  • points can be redeemed as donations at any time
  • for 10 points redeemed there will be 2,50 EUR added to the donation account
  • when redeeming points you can specify which animal rights group is your favorite

Donation Pay Out

  • every three months (31.3., 30.6., 30.9., 31.12.) the current balance of the donation account will be given to the animal rights group that got the most votes

Selection of Animal Rights Groups for the Donations

  • animal rights groups can apply any time using the form
  • amongst the groups that have applied, three will be selected, which will be displayed when points are redeemed as donations
  • the group that received the most votes until the time of the donation pay out, will receive the complete donation
  • if a group has received the donation, this group cannot be considered for another donation for the next 12 months

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